Tips for ISET Holders on Working with the Construction IndustryTips for ISET Holders on Working with the Construction Industry

ISET holders need to have a good understanding of the construction trades in order to successfully partner with construction stakeholders or promote a career in the industry to job seekers. Ideally, an ISET holder would hire a dedicated individual who can work on both apprenticeship and construction relations with employers. To be successful, ISET holders must engage and establish face-to-face relations with construction employers, labour groups and others who are looking to employ Indigenous candidates. This approach can result in unique referral agreements and memoranda of understanding on a process of identifying how potential Indigenous candidates are considered for jobs in the construction area.

  • Invite employers and union members to the ISET holder’s office
  • If the ISET holder is in a First Nation community, offer a tour and inform employers about your mandate and work in the community
  • Discuss job options, skills and employment expectations and qualifications required
  • If cross-cultural support would be helpful, offer to support the employer with this information