Tips for Construction Employers for Linking People with OpportunitiesTips for Construction Employers for Linking People with Opportunities

  • Be sure that you understand the requirements of the community as they relate to the specific Indigenous employment initiative. Ask detailed questions about eligibility, candidate expectations and the definition of success.
  • Challenge stakeholders’ thinking on the requirements if they pose particular barriers to local qualified workers. Look for innovative solutions to requirements such as a valid driver’s licence or a particular experience/education if these are in short supply in the community. Involve current employees in finding innovative approaches.
  • Give good follow-up information on the candidates who have been referred. Inform the referral source of who was selected for the program and why. Let them know how the candidates performed in training or in the first few months on the job. Work with other stakeholders to adapt your referral processes if required.
  • Educate yourself on bias-aware hiring processes. Know where systemic barriers can arise and work collaboratively with your referral partners to eliminate these barriers from the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Support the referral agencies in building awareness about the program throughout the community. The more awareness and interest there is within the community, the more candidates you will have to choose from.
  • Ask your referral partners to provide candid feedback about the perception of the employment opportunities and the level of interest in the construction industry. Use this information to adjust your outreach to create more awareness and positive interest.
  • Get to know people in the local community and understand their concerns. Invest the effort to build solid trust relationships. Remember that you are asking them to refer their friends, relatives and community members to you as an employer.
  • Keep track of success stories. Share them with the community, with other employers and with other Indigenous agencies.