Step 1: Candidate Submits ResuméStep 1: Candidate Submits Resumé

A resumé is the first contact a candidate has with the construction company. Here are some essential steps for making a successful good impression. Copy these tips and provide them directly to job seekers:

  • Take time to prepare a good resumĂ© and cover letter. The company wants to know why you want to work for it and how your skills will fit the organization’s needs.
  • Your resumĂ© should be about two pages long. It should highlight your skills, education, experience and interests and include your contact information. Your ISET holder job advisor can support you in this process.
  • Highlight any transferable skills you have: consider your hobbies, volunteer experiences and community projects. For example, if you have helped organize the annual community supper, indicate that you have skills in logistical planning.
  • Ask someone to help you edit and proofread your letter and resumĂ©.
  • If the company uses a standardized application form or an online process, complete it carefully. The information you provide there will help them decide who will be called for interviews.
  • Have an ISET holder provide a cover letter to ensure the company knows where the resumĂ© is from.