Sample Promotional Materials / Key MessagesSample Promotional Materials / Key Messages

Why work in Construction?1

  • You can take pride in the work you do and see the results every day.
  • You can be part of a vibrant community that continually affects everyday life.
  • There are many ways to build a long and rewarding career. You can move around from job to job, you can specialize in one trade, become a supervisor, get into planning or management ... or even start your own business.
  • There are dozens of careers to choose from in four construction sectors – that means limitless opportunities to advance and plenty of chances to travel across the country and around the world.
  • The industry is built on teamwork. You have the chance to work with many people you know and often also with some of Canada’s top professionals.
  • Whether you’re a skilled construction worker or manager, you have impressive earning potential.

Did you know that ...

The Construction Industry will be Short of Workers:  From 2020-2029 the construction industry will need to recruit more than 300,000 workers.  New projects are starting all the time and many of today’s construction workers will be retiring in the next few years.  That means a lot of opportunities for Indigenous workers who are keen to get into the industry.

Many Companies Want to Recruit Indigenous Workers: Federal departments as well as many companies give Indigenous suppliers the first opportunity to supply goods and services in set-aside contracts: contracts servicing Indigenous communities. Indigenous joint ventures must be 51% Indigenous owned, and in firms of six or more employees, 33% of full-time employees must be Indigenous. This gives an advantage to Indigenous workers looking for jobs within the construction industry.

Hiring Indigenous Workers is Good Business: Employers in the construction industry are becoming more aware of the benefits of hiring Indigenous workers in their company.  To see ten reasons for hiring Indigenous construction workers, click here.

Indigenous Workers can get Training:  Several different programs provide funding or training to Indigenous workers to improve their skills for construction trades.  Check with your local employment counsellor or Friendship Centre – one of these programs might be right for you.

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