6. Define Success6. Define Success

A clear understanding of the goals and objectives is critical to a good partnership. Many programs need to be adjusted as time goes on and someone must monitor important aspects of the program’s functioning to know when change is needed. Funders and stakeholders who have given their support will want to know about the outcomes achieved.

Indigenous employment initiatives often have objectives in any of three areas: building awareness, improving access, and generating action.

Summarize the goals very clearly and succinctly.

The most important outcome of this initiative is:  ____________________________

Outline the specifics, such as (example only):

We expect that:

______ (number of jobs, workers, etc.) will have been 
______________ (filled, hired, trained, etc.) 
within ____ (weeks, months, years).

Agree on the criteria for monitoring and evaluating your program:

  • Be explicit about how you will monitor the ongoing program. What will tell you and your partners when something should be changed? 
  • Be explicit about how you will evaluate it at the end. What will tell you that it had the desired effect?

Use these tips to help monitor and evaluate your program.