3. Assess the Labour Situation3. Assess the Labour Situation

Have the partners review and agree on what the local construction industry needs and what the Indigenous community has to offer. Approach other knowledgeable individuals and groups to get a complete picture – of today’s situation but also tomorrow’s.

Summarize the situation in a brief document.

Assessing the labour situation means comparing “supply” and “demand.”

  • Look carefully at the supply of workers, such as:
    • How many Indigenous workers could be available;
    • What skills do they already have;
    • What skills could they acquire and when;
    • What barriers or challenges need to be addressed.
  • Look at the demand for workers
    • How many jobs need to be filled and when;
    • What skills are required;
    • What are the long-term career prospects;
    • What barriers or challenges need to be addressed.

Use these questions to guide you and your partners in assessing the labour situation.