2. Target The Right Audience: Outreach Vehicles2. Target The Right Audience:  Outreach Vehicles

At this stage, you are seeking to interest particular qualified candidates in tangible opportunities. Do not underestimate the importance of personal connections.

Often a multi-level communications approach, one that incorporates electronic media and/or community meetings, as well as flyers and other print materials, is required for effective distribution of a message.

Choose your outreach mechanisms carefully. Ask yourself what will best meet the needs of your initiative. Balance various considerations, such as timeliness, amount of detail, required breadth and reach, cost, etc.

No one information distribution strategy will work in every situation and in every community, but the experience of various communities across the country has proven the value of some methods of communication.

Begin by reviewing these ideas as a starting point. Additional information is available in Section 3 of the Guide.

For agencies working directly with job seekers, keep up to date on where to search for jobs within the construction industry.  Be familiar with online job sites, employment agencies, union hiring halls, construction associations and local employers. Click here for some examples.