1. Identify the skills required1. Identify the skills required

The construction industry offers dozens of trades and occupations to choose from. Before deciding on the skills a potential worker needs to enter the industry, clearly define the trade of interest. For information on what the work is like, duties and working conditions for a range of construction careers, see the Career Finder on our sister site: www.careersinconstruction.ca/en/careers/career-finder

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has identified nine Essential Skills that provide the foundation for learning all other skills, and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change. Strong essential skills are required for a successful career in the trades. The worker can learn and improve these skills in school, on the job and during his or her everyday life. A brief self-assessment will help to guide career decision-making and training.

Chosen trade or occupation:  _________________________________________

For definitions, common tasks and examples of how each skill is used in various construction trades, see

Essential skills required (check if relevant for this job)

  1. Reading Text                
  2. Document Use              
  3. Numeracy (Math)         
  4. Writing                           
  5. Oral Communication           
  6. Working with Others             
  7. Thinking (Problem Solving)       
  8. Computer Use              
  9. Continuous Learning

Finally, identify any background requirements, training or certification, or apprenticeship programs required for the chosen trade – see www.careersinconstruction.ca/en/careers/career-finder

Specific skills required for chosen trade:

  • Background requirements
  • Training or certification


  • Apprenticeship
  • Driver's licences Grade 4/5


Admission to some trades or training programs requires a high school diploma. GED tests allow people who have not finished high school the opportunity to demonstrate high school academic knowledge and skills. Successful GED candidates earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. For more information on GED testing visit ged.com/en-ca/.