Prepare for a Construction CareerPrepare for a Construction Career

Making the Connection: Indigenous People and Construction Employment

A How-to-Guide for Indigenous Construction Career Awareness, Recruitment and Retention

This Guide is meant for the construction industry and ASET counsellors, but has some useful information for job seekers. Similar information for job seekers can be found in the Apprentice Guide, by clicking LEARN MORE below. 

For instance, in section 3, there is a part that describes how the construction industry is organized and a list of trades in the industry /doors into construction

There is a listing of websites where to find construction job opportunities in section 5, along with an overview of job search methods.

In section 6 you can find information on how to fit in to your workplace in ‘Uncovering My Culture and My Workplace’s Culture’ and tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Find a career counsellor and/or locate a training program:

Your local Indigenous service delivery organization has career counsellors who can assist you with starting your construction career. These organizations can also help you discover some of the many programs where you can build your skills, through industry training and technical schools, from pre-employment to apprenticeship.


How to present your skills and experience:

A workbook for Indigenous people interested in construction employment.

Find out what BuildForce Canada has available:

BuildForce Canada is continually improving its offering of online courses and training materials.  Many are available as free downloads.