Improve opportunities for your clientsImprove opportunities for your clients

Making the Connection: Indigenous People and Construction Employment

A How-to-Guide for Indigenous Construction Career Awareness, Recruitment and Retention

This Guide will improve your awareness of the construction industry. It will help you with access to construction industry jobs for your clients and will show you how take action together with construction industry groups.

Get the most out of this Guide by reading Section 1 first.

You can find out who to approach, how to work with them and what approach to take in Section 2.

Create awareness and interest in construction work by following the suggestions in section 3.

Section 4 helps you help your client identify skills, find training and develop their construction career.

In Section 5 you can learn how to connect clients with construction job opportunities.

Help you clients get hired and retain their jobs by following the guidelines in Section 6.

Find Construction Industry organizations:

These organizations of contractors and labour providers can help you understand local industry conditions and can put you in contact with both those who hire labour and supply it.



Locate a training program:

Learn where your clients can improve their skills. Find the type of training they need.



Understand how apprenticeship works in your province:

What is Apprenticeship? How does it work? Find everything you need to know to get started in apprenticeship. Get the facts on apprenticeship and links to your provincial apprenticeship branch.

BuildForce Canada can help you:

Online courses and other materials to help improve everything from safety, through mentoring to supervision


Labour Market Information
Detailed information on construction labour needs in your region, to help you plan for the future

How to Present your skills and experience to the construction industry:

Download a PDF workbook for Indigenous People: Learn what's required in a construction resume, and how best to present the information.